Important (adj.), importantly (adv.), more/most important (adj.), more/most importantly (adv.)

Important 這個形容詞與介系詞連用時,通常接for, in 或 to:Winning the game yesterday was important for the team’s morale. (贏得昨天那場比賽對鼓舞全隊的士氣至關重要);Information and support are important in helping people deal with swine flu. (資訊和支援對幫助人們對抗豬流感是很重要的);Your interest and support are important to your child. (你的興趣與支持對你的孩子很重要)。

Important 也可接帶 to 的不定詞和 that 子句:It is important to learn to communicate. (學會溝通很重要);It’s important that he (should) learn to read. (他學會閱讀是很重要的) — 「It + be 動詞 + essential, important, necessary, vital 等形容詞 + that + S (should) V…」是一種用來表示命令、要求、建議或堅持的常見句型,如 It is important that he be sent there at once. (馬上派他去那裡是很重要的),但必須注意的是,由於 should 的關係,that 子句中的主動詞一律用原形動詞。若是最高級,important 通常與 of 連用:She was the most important of all the contestants. (她是所有參賽者當中最重要的)。

無論是形容詞 more/most important 還是副詞 more/most importantly 都可當句子副詞 (sentence adverb),且都是標準用法:More [Most] important [importantly], we now have the right answer. (比較重要的是/最重要的是,我們現在有了正確的答案)。