Not/no more than 和 not/no less than 釋義


  1. Not more than:不多於;至多 (= at most)
    She spent not more than 10 dollars. (他最多花了10塊錢)
  2. No more than:只不過:只有,僅有 (= only)
    He has no more than 5 dollars. (他只有5塊錢)
    She is no more than a secretary. (她只不過是一名秘書而已)
  3. Not more…than:不像…那樣;不到…的程度 (= not so…as)
    I am not more foolish than you. (我不像你那麼笨)
  4. No more…than:和…一樣不 (= not…any more than)
    I am no more a god than you (are). (我和你一樣不是神)
    He is no more mad than we are. (他和我們一樣不瘋)


  1. Not less than:不少於;至少 (= at least)
    I have not less than 100 kilograms. (我至少有100公斤)
  2. No less than:多達;不下…之多
    There are no less than 50 students in our class. (我們班上的學生不下50人)
  3. Not less…than:像…那樣;到…的程度 (= as…as)
    I am not less young than you are. (我像你那樣年輕;我和你一樣年輕)
  4. No less…than:和…同樣是;正是
    The whale is no less a mammal than the horse. (鯨魚和馬一樣是哺乳類動物)


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