Swinger ≠ wife swapper

英國媒體日前刊出一篇名為「Naked war between rival nudist groups over swinger invasion」的報導,大意是說雜交人士入侵歐洲最大天體營 — 法國的艾德角鎮 (Cap d’Agde) — 引發傳統天體人士的抗議。該報導的全文如下:

Sparks are flying between rival groups of nudists at Europe’s biggest naturist colony in France.

Traditional nudists are protesting over an invasion of swingers who they claim have turned the southern Cap d’Agde ‘Naked City’ resort into a sleazy sex hotspot.

About 30 naturists told a council meeting their once quiet clothes-free haven had been over-run by ‘sex-mad exhibitionists’.

One traditional nudist has told Cap d’Agde councillors at this week’s town hall meeting: ‘We bought a flat here 34 years ago because we wanted to live naked in the sun.But now we are surrounded by wild animals.’

And Cllr Florence Denestebe, who is supporting the disgruntled nudists, said: ‘When the sun shines, there is an area of Cap d’Agde which turns into the European capital of free sex.’

But the nudists were told that nothing could be done until they made formal complaints to the police.

Friction between nudists first flared two years ago when so-called ‘nude terrorists’ launched arson attacks on several new sex clubs at the site.

對於該報導,國內媒體亦有翻譯和報導,不過有人將英文報導中的 swinger 譯成「換妻俱樂部」或「換妻俱樂部成員」。事實上,這樣的翻譯並不貼切,因為「換妻」的英文是 wife swapping, wife swap 或 to swap wives,而「換妻俱樂部」是 wife swapping club 或 wife swap club;至於「換妻俱樂部成員」或換妻者則是 wife swapper。

Swinger 這個字來自俚語的 swing (動詞),後者意為「雜交;群交」(Webster 的定義是 “to engage freely in sex”,即自由性愛),這其中當然含有亂搞性關係,交換性伴侶的意思,但若僅指換妻,意思似乎太狹隘了。

最近幾年,雜交派對在歐美和澳洲相當風行,而許多雜交派對、雜交俱樂部以及任何有關雜交的資訊網站,都是以 swinging 這個能充份指涉雜交精髓的單字來命名。「北美雜交俱樂部協會」(North American Swing Clubs Association, NASCA) 也將 swinging 定義為「與情人 (男友和女友) 之外的任何人從事性愛聯歡,拒絕傳統的一對一嘿咻」。

歐美地區的雜交俱樂部 (swinging clubs) 就是提供給雜交人士 (swingers) 從事自由、解放性愛的場所。不過,swingers 貪圖一時淫逸、隨性做 (casual sex) 的態度往往帶來嚴重、甚至毀滅性的後果,值得他們深思。