Even 的副詞用法 (二)

Even as

Even 可放在 as 所引導的子句前面來表示「正當,恰好在 … 的時候」的意思。例如:

  • Even as we spoke, he ate his breakfast quickly. (就在我們說話的時候,他匆匆地吃完了早餐)
  • Even as I watched, the bus crashed into the house. (正當我看著的時候,巴士就撞上了房子)

Even if

Even 可放在 if 所引導的子句前面來表示「即使」的意思。例如:

  • Even if you take a taxi, you’ll still be late for school. (即使搭計程車去,你還是上學遲到)
  • I’m still going to eat out(,) even if it rains. (即使下雨,我仍要外出用餐)

Even though

Even 可放在 though 所引導的子句前面來表示「儘管,雖然」的意思。Even though 與 although 或 in spite of the fact that 同義,但比 although 更具強調作用。例如:

  • Even though Gary has a master’s degree in business administration, he can’t fill out his tax form. (蓋瑞儘管擁有企管碩士學位,但還是不會填報稅表格)
  • He rents his house(,) even though he’s so rich. (他雖然很富有,但還是租房子住)

Even so

我們可以使用 even so 來做對比,意為「即使如此,即使這樣;儘管如此,儘管這樣」,與 however 或 nevertheless 同義。Even so 最常用在子句句首,但亦可用於句末。它往往位在連接詞 but 之後。例如:

  • Terrorist attacks are rare, but, even so, there should be stricter safety measures. (恐攻是罕見的,但儘管如此,仍應有更嚴格的安全措施)
  • I had a terrible headache, but even so I went to the Christmas party. (我頭痛得要命,但儘管如此我還是去參加聖誕節晚會)
  • I didn’t understand what Cindy said completely, but it was interesting even so. (我沒有完全聽懂辛蒂所說的話,但即便如此她所說的還是很有趣)