Carry a torch for someone

To carry a torch for someone 意為「單戀或暗戀某人;對某人單相思」。這個用語首次出現在 1920 年代中期,源自當時流行的一些悲傷情歌,因為 torch (火把) 當時象徵愛情。這種述說單戀或單相思 (unrequited love) 之苦的情歌 (love songs),於 1930 年開始被叫做 torch songs,而唱 torch songs 的人大多是女性,叫做 torch singers。


  • Peter has been carrying a torch for Teresa for years, but she seems not to notice. (彼得已暗戀泰瑞莎好多年了,但她似乎沒有察覺到)
  • It’s a fiery torch song sung by an American singer at the start of the Second World War. (那是二次世界大戰伊始時一首火紅的失戀之歌,由美國一名女歌手所唱)
  • It’s a song about the pain of unrequited love. (那是一首述說單相思之苦的歌)