Honor among thieves

Honor among thieves 是個諺語,意為「盜亦有道」,係用來表示即使是罪犯亦有他們遵守的行為準則,如他們不會向警方告發另名罪犯。這個諺語至少可追溯到古羅馬政治家暨雄辯家西塞羅 (Cicero) 時代。西班牙作家塞凡提斯在 1612 年出版的《唐吉訶德》中寫到:”The old proverb still holds good, thieves are never rogues amongst themselves.”。

這個諺語的前面有時會使用 “there is”,即 there is honor among thieves,意思完全一樣。您可以視句子結構使用其中之一。


  • The gangster was loyal to his associates and did not tell their names to the police, demonstrating that there is honor among thieves. (那位幫派份子忠於他的同夥,未將他們的名字告訴警方,顯示盜亦有道)
  • In the collective of pickpockets, no one dared steal money from another. Honor among thieves. (在扒手集團中,沒人敢偷另一名扒手的錢。盜亦有道)