Monkey business

Monkey business 意為「惡作劇;胡鬧;騙人的把戲;詭計」(mischief, shenanigans),所以這個慣用語可能指無傷大雅的胡鬧或不懷惡意的搗蛋,但也可能指欺騙的、不誠實的或不道德的惡作劇、把戲、詭計或詐騙。

這個慣用語於 1800 年代中期開始使用,源自梵文 (Sanskrit) 的 vānara-karman,這用語可翻譯成 monkey action 或 monkey work。


  • Please stop the monkey business and get to work! (別胡鬧了,開始工作吧!)
  • The boss suspected that there had been some monkey business going on while he went on a business trip to Japan. (老闆懷疑他去日本出差時有人搞惡作劇)
  • I don’t believe such a ridiculous thing could have happened. I think you are only playing monkey business with me. (我不相信會發生這麼荒謬的事情,我認為你是在跟我惡作劇)
  • We know there was a lot of monkey business with counting ballots in the previous presidential election. (我們都知道,在上次的總統選舉中,選票的計算有許多陰謀詭計)
  • There’s money missing from the office and it’s not the first time it’s happened. I think there’s some monkey business going on. (辦公室掉了錢,而這不是第一次發生。我想有人在搞鬼)