A group of + 複數名詞可接單數或複數動詞

  • There was a group of girls playing Pokeman GO in the park. (有一群女孩在公園玩《精靈寶可夢GO》) (正)
  • A group of students were waiting for their teacher to unlock the classroom door. (一群學生在等候老師打開教室的門鎖) (正)

解說:除 group 外,由 crowd, gang, team 等集合名詞所構成的「集合名詞 + of + 複數名詞」句型同樣可接單數或複數動詞。例如:

  • There was a crowd of people staging a sit-in in front of the presidential palace. (總統府前有一群人在進行靜坐抗議)
  • A gang of workmen were repairing the road. (一群工人在修路)