Altogether 還是 all together 呢?

Altogether 是個副詞,主要意為「完全,全然」(completely) 或「總共,共計」(in total)。Altogether 意為「完全,全然」時旨在強調某事物完全停止、結束,或者強調某事物被完全遺忘或忽視,抑或強調對所說的話完全肯定;所以,not altogether 意為「不完全是」(not completely)。例如:

  • The government has decided to abolish the tax altogether. (政府已決定完全取消這項稅收)
  • Many people have stopped using their computers altogether. (許多人已完全不用自己的電腦了)
  • John seemed to have forgotten our quarrel altogether. (約翰似乎已完全忘了我們吵過架)
  • This is a new solution altogether. (這完全是一種新的解決方案)
  • I don’t altogether agree with you. (我不完全同意你的看法)
  • I’m not altogether sure Mary will marry me. (我不能完全肯定瑪麗會嫁給我)
  • The speaker was $60 and the microphone was $30, so it was $90 altogether. (喇叭 60 美元、麥克風 30 美元,所以總共是 90 美元)
  • How many students will there be altogether? (總共會有多少學生?)