Q:What does she look like?、How does she look? 和 What is she like? 的用法和意思有何不同?


How + do (does, did) + 主詞 (人) + look? / What + do (does, did) + 主詞 (人) + look like? — 用來詢問長相 (長得怎麼樣)、外表 (外表、穿著打扮看起來怎麼樣)。注意:How…? 通常指比較正面的外表,而 What…? 則是指不好不壞或比較負面的外表。

  • What did you look like when you were young? (你年輕時長得怎麼樣?)
    Short, fat, and spotty. (矮矮胖胖的,還有雀斑)
  • What does she look like? (她的穿著打扮看起來怎麼樣?)
    As if she hasn’t bought any new clothes in the last twenty years. (她好像20年沒買新衣服一樣)
  • How do I look? (我看起來怎麼樣?)
    Fantastic! That outfit really suits you. (棒極了! 那套衣服很適合你 — 很適合你的外表)

What + be + 主詞 (人) + like? — 用來詢問性格、個性 (某人是個怎麼樣的人)。

  • What’s Bob like? (鮑柏是個怎麼樣的人?)
    Always losing his temper. (動不動就發脾氣)
  • What’s John like? (約翰是個怎麼樣的人?)
    Very sociable. He’s the life and soul of any party. (很善於交際。他是社交聚會的靈魂人物)
  • What’s his wife like? (他的太太是個怎麼樣的人?)
    She’s serious and shy. I’ve never seen her smile. (她既嚴肅又害羞。我從未見到她笑過)

另一類似的問句 — 即把 “What + be + 主詞 (人) + like? ” 問句中的 What 改為 Who — 也很常見:

  • Who are you like in your family? (你在家中像誰?)
    My mother I suppose, we’re both quite moody. (我想是像我媽媽,我們兩人都很情緒化)

How + be + 主詞 (事物)? / What + be + 主詞 (事物) + like? — 用來詢問經驗。在詢問人家的經驗時,這兩種問句的用法和意思並無太大的差別。此外,這兩種問句也可用來詢問做好的食物或吃了的食物好不好,但一般大多使用 “How…?” 的問句形式。至於也可用來詢問心情和身體健康的 How + be + 主詞 (人) ? (如 “How are you today?”,”How is your wife?”),由於是大家所熟知的,在此就不再贅述了。

  • How was your exam? (你的試考得怎麼樣?)
    Fine. I think I did OK. (很好。我想我考得不錯)
  • What was your exam like? (你的試考得怎麼樣?)
    Fine. I think I did OK. (很好。我想我考得不錯)
  • What was your holiday like? (你度假度得怎麼樣?)
    Not wonderful. The hotel was awful. (不是很好。旅館糟透了)
  • How was your steak? (你的牛排怎麼樣?)
    Delicious. Beautifully tender and very juicy. (美味可口。鮮嫩多汁)