Coulda, shoulda, woulda, dunno, gonna … wanna

英文口語為了達到「省話」的目的,以符合言簡意賅的要求,往往將兩個字合成一個字來說,既省話又省力,不亦快哉。雖然一般認為標題所列這些口語合成詞都是錯誤或非正規 (nonstandard) 的拼法,但這些拼字反映了實際的發音,何錯之有!茲將英文口語最常用的合成詞臚列如下供大家參考並輔以適當例句讓大家加深印象,豈不快哉:

Coulda (= could have:原本可以)

  • Justin coulda gone to your birthday party but he had to go to Taipei to sign an important contract. (賈斯丁原本可以去參加你的生日派對,但他必須去台北簽訂一份重要合同)

Shoulda (= should have:原本應該)

  • You shoulda helped him but you just sat on your hands. (你本來應該幫助他的,但你卻袖手旁觀、坐視不管)

Woulda (= would have:原本會;原本想要)

  • I woulda said yes to lending my new car to Jack but my wife woulda killed me! (我本來想把我的新車借給傑克,但我太太會把我給宰了!)

Dunno (= don’t know:不知道)

  • “How long has Professor Smith been living here in Taipei?” (史密斯教授在台北住多久了?)
    “I dunno, maybe over 10 years.” (我不知道,也許超過 10 年了)

Gonna (= going to:會,將)

  • This kind of problem isn’t gonna get easy solution. (這種問題不會輕易獲得解決)

Gotta (= have/has got to:必須,要,得)

  • I gotta go now. (我現在要走了)

Hafta (= have to:必須,要,得)

  • We don’t hafta let John know the secret of where his ex lives. (我們不必讓約翰知道他前妻/前女友住那裡的秘密)

Kinda (= kind of:有點,有幾分)

  • I kinda hate my new colleague Teresa because she looks prettier than me. (我有點討厭我的新同事泰瑞莎,因為她看起來比我漂亮)

Outta (= out of:沒了;走了)

  • We’re outta cigarettes. You go get them! (我們的香菸抽完了。你去買吧!)
  • This activity’s kinda boring. I gotta get outta here. (這項活動有點無聊。我要走了)

Sorta (= sort of:有點,有幾分)

  • That new guy in our office is sorta arrogant. (我們辦公室那個新來的傢伙有點傲慢)

Wanna (= want to:想要)

  • I wanna go see a dentist tomorrow. (我想明天去看牙醫)