Economic, economical (adjs.)

Economic 源自 economics (經濟學) 和 economy (經濟),意為「經濟 (上) 的,與經濟有關的;經濟學的;產生經濟效益的;有利可圖的,賺錢的」,如 Economic growth is slowing down. (經濟成長正在減緩中);The government’s economic policies are often attacked. (政府的經濟政策常遭抨擊);Venezuela is in the midst of an economic crisis. (委內瑞拉正處於經濟危機中);The company had to close their Taipei office – with the rent so high it just wasn’t economic. (該公司不得不關閉台北辦事處,因為租金太高,不符經濟效益);The airline says this route is no longer economic, so they’re going to discontinue it. (航空公司說這條航線不再賺錢,因此將予以停飛)。

Economical 亦源自 economy,意為「經濟的,省錢的,經濟實惠的,便宜的;節約的;(人) 節儉的」,如 It would be more economical to switch the machine off at night. (晚上把機器關掉會比較省錢);an economical small car (省油的小汽車);This laptop (computer) is very economical on electricity. (這台筆電很省電);The material is an economical substitute for plastic or steel. (這種材料是塑膠或鋼鐵的低價替代品);He was always economical when it came to buying presents. (談到買禮物,他總是很節儉);Mary is an economical housewife. (瑪麗是個節儉的家庭主婦)。