Ordinance vs. ordnance

Ordinance 是個可數名詞,意為「法令,法規,條例」,如 The town passed an ordinance compelling all outdoor lighting to be switched off at 10.00 PM. (該鎮通過一條法令強行規定晚上十點關閉所有室外照明);City Ordinance 180 forbids the parking of vehicles in this area. (《市政條例》第 180 條禁止在此地區停放交通工具)。

Ordnance 是個不可數名詞,意為「軍需供應品 (尤指武器和炸彈);火炮,大炮」,如 The military stores, maintains and loads bombs, missiles and other ordnance at this base. (軍方在本基地儲備、保養和裝載炸彈、飛彈及其他武器)。