Q: You can try and love her. 和 You can try to love her. 這兩句有何不同呢?

A:這兩句的意思 (你可以試著愛她) 完全一樣,因為 try and 和 try to 幾乎可以互換。try and 是口語用法,而且相當常用,如 We are going to try and (= try to) find a solution to the problem. (我們將設法找到這問題的解決辦法),但它不能用在正式書面文件和正式寫作中。

然而,必須注意的是,在否定句中,用 try to 會比用 try and 來得好,如 She didn’t even try to be polite. (她甚至不想試著客氣一點)。此外,當 try 有數、時態等的變化時,亦即 try 變成 tries, tried, trying 時,一般都用 try to 而不用 try and,如 We’re trying to (不能用 trying and) improve our teaching methods. (我們正設法改進教學方法);They tried to (不能用 tried and) break into the house. (他們試圖闖入那房子)。