Not (even) begin to + V

英文中表示「一點也不」的片語多得不得了,如 not at all, anything but, far from, in no case, in/under no circumstances, in no respect, in no wise, in no way, by no means, not in the least, none too, not nearly, not a bit (還有其他,只是族繁不及備載)。但可能很少人知道 “not (even) begin to + V” 也可以表達「一點也不」的意思。請看下面的例句:

He does not begin to speak English. (他一點也不會講英文)
She couldn’t (even) begin to explain. (= It’s quite impossible to explain.) (她[甚至]無法開口解釋/她一點都無法解釋)