Down in the mouth

Down in the mouth 意為「不高興的;悶悶不樂的;心情不好的;神情沮喪的」。這個成語首次出現在 1600 年代中期,指的是人一不高興,眉頭就會皺起來,嘴角向下彎曲。Down in the mouth 本身當形容詞用,通常放在 BE 動詞後面,有時被寫成或說成 down at the mouth。


  • What’s wrong with Sam? He’s so down in the mouth about everything. (山姆怎麼啦?他對每件事都不高興)
  • Randy has been down in the mouth ever since Amy broke up with him. (自從艾美跟他分手後,蘭迪一直悶悶不樂)
  • Linda’s been moping around all week, and we have no idea why she’s so down in the mouth. (琳達整個禮拜都悶悶不樂,我們都不知道她心情為何這麼不好)
  • John looks a bit down in the mouth. (約翰看起來有點神情沮喪)