From soup to nuts

From soup to nuts 意為「從頭到尾;自始至終」。這是美國的非正式用語,起源於 1800 年代的全席晚餐 (full-course dinner),通常有 4 到 16 道菜,跟我們的婚宴一樣,一道一道地出,第一道通常是湯品,最後一道是搭配堅果的波特酒 (port,又稱波爾圖葡萄酒)。

英文同義的用語還有 from A to Z、from start to finish、from stem to stern 和 from beginning to end 等。


  • This biography tells the story of his life from soup to nuts. (這本傳記講述了他的一生)
  • The car has been overhauled from soup to nuts. (這部車已經徹底檢修了)
  • James knows the subject from A to Z. (詹姆斯對這門學科瞭解得很透徹)
  • I’ve read the novel from start to finish. (這本小說我已從頭至尾讀完)
  • Gary told me the whole story from stem to stern. (蓋瑞把整件事從頭至尾都對我說了)
  • The whole wedding was a disaster from beginning to end. (整個婚禮自始至終糟透了)