Day after day; day and night; day by day; day in, day out


Day after day 意為「日復一日;一連好幾天;每天」,尤指令人厭煩或不快的重複或連續的情況或行為,如 If you do the same things day after day, you will get bored. (如果你日復一日地做同樣的事,你會感到厭煩);I think of my hometown day after day. (我每天思念著故鄉)。其他時間詞也可以這樣用,如 year after year, month after month, night after night 等。

Day and night 意為「日以繼夜;夜以繼日;日日夜夜;日夜不停地」,亦可用 night and day 來表示,如 His father worked day and night and eventually fell ill. (他父親日以繼夜地工作,終於病倒了);I think of her night and day. (我日夜思念著她)。

Day by day 意為「一天天地;漸漸地」,如 My mother is getting better day by day. (我母親的健康狀況逐漸好轉);My little granddaughter grows prettier day by day. (我的小孫女一天比一天漂亮)。其他時間詞也可以這樣用,如 year by year, month by month, week by week, hour by hour,但卻沒有 night by night 的說法或用法。

Day in, day out 與 day after day 是同義詞,有時寫成 day in day out,如 If we eat the same food day in day out, it isn’t surprising we get bored. (如果我們每天吃同樣的食物,我們會感到厭煩,自是不足為奇);It went on raining day in, day out. (雨一連下了好幾天)。其他時間詞,尤其是表示較長時間的詞,也可以這樣用,如 year in, year out, month in, month out, week in, week out, night in, night out,但 hours, minutes 和 seconds 則不可以這樣用。