Ascent vs. assent

Ascent 僅當名詞用,意為「上升;登高;上坡路;上升的坡度」(可數名詞) 及「(身分,地位,聲望,名氣等的) 提高,提升」(不可數名詞),如 This is my first ascent of Jade Mountain. (這是我第一次攀登玉山);The first part of the ascent is not very steep. (這一上坡路剛開始的那一段不是很陡峭);Her rapid ascent in the world of entertainment does make people feel incredible. (她在娛樂界之迅速走紅的確讓人難以置信)。Ascent 的相反詞為 descent,而相應的動詞為 ascend。

Assent 可當名詞和 (不及物) 動詞用,兩者皆意為「同意,贊成」,且後面都接「介系詞 to + 名詞/動名詞」,但當動詞用的 assent 還可後接不定詞 (to + 原形動詞),如 The government has yet to give its assent to the new project. (政府尚未同意這項新工程);We all assented to her plan. (我們全都同意她的計畫);Paul assented to lend me some money. (保羅同意借我一些錢)。