Berry vs. bury

Berry 當名詞時意為「(草莓等) 莓果;(葡萄,番茄等) 漿果;乾果仁;(龍蝦等的) 卵」,複數為 berries。它亦可用作動詞,其時態變化為 berry berried berried berrying berries,如 We’re going to go berrying on Saturday. (我們週六要去採草莓)。

Bury 僅當及物動詞用,主要意為「埋葬,安葬;埋藏,掩藏」,其時態變化為 bury buried buried burying buries,如 He and his wife are buried in the same cemetery. (他和他太太葬在同一墓地);There’s supposed to be treasure buried in the haunted house. (那棟鬼屋應該埋有寶藏)。此外,bury 還有「埋藏,掩藏;使沉浸,使專心」等比喻意思,如 Those are all memories buried deep inside his subconscious. (那些都是深深埋藏在他潛意識的記憶);Mary buried her face in her hands with embarrassment. (瑪麗尷尬得雙手掩面);We bury ourselves in our work every time we don’t win the lottery. (我們樂透槓龜就埋頭工作)。