Cell vs. sell

Cell 是個名詞,且僅當名詞用,意為「細胞;電池;(監獄的) 小牢房;(修道院或寺廟的) 小房間;(蜂巢的) 巢室;(電腦) 儲存格;(政黨或政治團體的) 基層組織,小組」,如 Human brains have more than 100 million cells per cubic centimeter. (人腦每立方公分有一億多個細胞);blood/brain/nerve/cancer cells (血球/腦細胞/神經細胞/癌細胞);Samsung Electronics is recalling its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and said that battery cell problems were behind phones catching fire and exploding. (AFP) (三星電子將回收該公司的 Galaxy Note 7 旗艦機,並表示電池問題是手機起火和爆炸的主因);The sinister and dangerous prisoner was locked in a cell. (那個兇惡危險的囚犯被關在單人牢房裡)。

根據《牛津英語大辭典》(The Oxford English Dictionary, OED),cell 是英文最常用的 1,000 個單字之一。除了上述意思外,cell 在美國亦被用作 cellphone (手機) 的簡稱,常用於口語,如 I just bought a new cell yesterday, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but it exploded during charging. (我昨天剛買了一支新手機,三星 Galaxy Note 7,但在充電時爆炸了)。

Sell 主要當動詞 (及物和不及物) 用,意為「賣,出售,銷售,推銷;說服,使接受;出賣」,如 Tom sold his old smartphone to me for 500 NT dollars . (湯姆以 500 元台幣的價錢把他的舊智慧型手機賣給我);His new novel sold very well. (他的新小說賣得非常好);In an interview, you have to sell yourself to the employer. (面試時,你必須對雇主推銷自己);Television sells many products. (電視促銷了許多商品);I could not sell my idea to all of you. (我無法使你們都接受我的想法);I’m sure your idea will sell. (我相信你的觀點能被接受)。Sell 的時態變化為 sell sold sold selling sells。根據《牛津英語大辭典》,sell 也是英文最常用的 1,000 個單字之一。

Sell 亦可用作名詞,主要用於 hard sell 和 soft sell 這兩個片語中,前者意為「強迫推銷 (法)」,後者意為「軟性推銷 (法)」,如 The saleswoman gave me the hard sell yesterday. / The saleswoman did a hard sell on me yesterday. (那個女推銷員昨天對我強迫推銷);Young salesmen found that soft sell works well with old housewives. (年輕的推銷員發現,不施加壓力的軟性推銷術對上了年紀的家庭主婦很管用)。