Q:ever so often 和 every so often 的意思一樣嗎?

A:ever so often 的意思是「經常,多次」(very often, a great many times),而 every so often 意為「不時,有時」(sometimes, at times, from time to time, now and then, once in a while),所以這兩個副詞片語的意思並不相同,如 I’ve been to their house ever so often. (我去過他們的房子很多次);I like to visit art galleries every so often, but not very frequently. (我喜歡不時去美術館參觀一下,但不是很常去)。

值得注意的是,ever so often 僅能用在口語和非正式寫作中,不能用於正式寫作。ever so often 中的 ever so 也是口語,與 ever such 一樣都意為「非常,十分,很」(very),它們也都只能用在口語和非正式寫作,其中 ever 為副詞加強語,如 Mother was ever so upset. (媽媽很苦惱);She’s ever such a nice girl. (她是個非常可愛的姑娘)。