Consider 還是 consider as 呢?

Consider 的主要意思有三:

第一義是「認為,把…視為」(句型為:consider + 受詞 + 名詞/形容詞)。例如:Do you consider her suitable for the job? (你認為她適合做這份工作嗎?)。

第二義是「考慮,細想」。例如:We will not fail to consider your feelings on the matter. (我們不會不考慮你對這件事情的感受)。

第三義是「考慮到;考慮過」。例如:I have considered all aspects of the problem. (我已考慮過這問題的所有層面)。

由於第一義與 regard as 和 view as 同義,所以當 consider意為「認為,把…視為」時,就不可在其後加上 as (但若意為「考慮」,則可加上 as),但可加上 “to be” (可省略):

I consider it (to be) a great honor to be invited to join the club. (我認為被邀請加入此俱樂部是很大的榮幸) (正)
I consider it as a great honor to be invited to join the club. (誤)

最後要提的是,consider 後面若接動詞,須用動名詞而非不定詞:

I’m considering changing my job. (我正考慮換工作) (正)
I’m considering to change my job. (誤)



  1. 上面對consider用法的說明不完全正確

    consider 意為「把…視為…」有時是可以接as的。
    Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 對consider
    的解釋中即列出 consider sb/sth (as) sth 的用法,並且舉出
    These workers are considered (as) a high-risk group的例句。
    另外 Michael Swan在他的名著Practical English Usage 155節中
    Consider + object (+as) … (=’think of somebody or something as…’)
    並舉 He always considered her (as) his real mother 的句子
    可見如果意為「把…視為…」而且用於consider somebody/something (as) somebody/something的句型時是可以用as的,不過不用as或用to be 也是正確的。

  2. Active voice: Farmers traditionally consider the Lunar New Year (as/to be) the true beginning of a new year. (1)
    Passive voice: The Lunar New Year is traditionally considered (as/to be) the true beginning of a new year by farmers. (2)
    In conformity with the SVOC sentence pattern in sentence (1), the object complement could have three options: (i) a noun phrase “the true beginning of a new year”, (ii) a prepositional phrase “as the true beginning of a new year”, and (iii) an infinitive phrase “to be the true beginning of a new year”.
    In the spirit of conciseness advocated by Rhetoric, the preposition “as” and the infinitive phrase “to be” could be left out of sentences (1) and (2).