Other, others, the other, another

Other 作限定詞用

Other 作限定詞用時後接不可數名詞和複數可數名詞,意為「另外的;額外的;更多的;別的;其他的;不同的」。例如:

  • In addition to Amy, Mrs. Smith has two other children. (除了艾美,史密斯太太還有另外兩個孩子)
  • There are other ways to perform this task. (還有別的方法可執行這項任務)
  • The company website has general information about its new products. Other detailed information can be obtained by calling the freephone number. (該公司網站提供其新產品的一般性資訊。其他詳細的資訊可打這支免費電話取得)
  • Some music is soothing; other music has the opposite effect. (有些音樂具有撫慰作用;其他音樂則效果相反)

Other 作限定詞用時若後接單數可數名詞,則 other 前面必須要有另一限定詞或所有格。例如:

  • Cindy doesn’t like the blue one. She prefers the other color. (辛蒂不喜歡藍色的。她比較喜歡另一顏色的) (正)
    Cindy doesn’t like the blue one. She prefers other color. (誤)
  • I have only one other shirt. (我只有另一件襯衫)
  • We’ll go there some other day. (我們改天會去那裡)
  • Jason is my other brother. (傑森是我另一個哥哥)
  • No other student in our school runs faster than David. (本校沒有其他學生跑得比大衛快)

Other 作限定詞用時如同形容詞,沒有複數型。例如:

  • John invited all his other relatives and friends. (約翰邀請了他的其他所有親戚朋友) (正)
    John invited all his others relatives and friends. (誤)

Other 作代名詞用

Other 亦可作代名詞用。當代名詞用的 other 有複數型 others,意為「其餘的人或事物」。例如:

  • This issue, more than any other (issue), has divided the new cabinet. (主要是這個問題造成新內閣的分裂)
  • Some apps are better than others (= other apps). (一些應用程式優於其他應用程式)
  • Some students are reading; others (= other students) are writing. (有些學生在閱讀,有些則在寫作)

The other 作限定詞用

The other 作限定詞用時若後接單數名詞 (the 可用所有格替代),意為「(兩者中) 另一人的;另一個的」。例如:

  • Mary was looking around for her other shoe. (瑪麗在找另一隻鞋)
  • This computer is new. The other computer is about six years old. (這台電腦是新的。另一台電腦大約六年了)
  • He held onto the rope with his other hand. (他用另一隻手抓住繩子)
  • One of the twin brothers was Roger. What was the other one called? (這對孿生兄弟一個叫羅傑,另一個叫什麼?)
  • I saw Jim stand on the other side of the street. (我看到吉姆站在街的對面)

The other 作限定詞用時若後接複數名詞 (the 可用所有格替代),意為「(一個群體中) 其餘的」。例如:

  • There are five women sitting there. One of them is his wife and all the other women are his sisters. (有五個女子坐在那裡。其中之一是他太太,其餘都是他的姊妹)
  • Paul stayed until all the other students had gone home. (保羅一直待到其餘的學生都回家為止)
  • Both his other brothers will go abroad for further study next year. (他的另外兩個兄弟明年將出國深造)
  • Where are the other two summer travel brochures? I can only find three. (另外兩本夏日旅遊指南在哪裡?我只能找到三本)

The other 作代名詞用

The other 作代名詞用時,意為「(兩者中) 另一人;另一個」。例如:

  • It is hard to tell the twin sisters one from the other. (這對雙胞胎姊妹很難分辨)
  • I have two puppies, one is white and the other is black. (我有兩隻小狗,一隻是白色的,另一隻是黑色的)

The others 作代名詞用時,意為「(一個群體中) 其餘的人或事物」。例如:

  • One boy slipped on a banana skin and the others laughed. (一個男孩踩到香蕉皮滑倒,其餘的孩子都笑了起來)
  • I have some photos for you this time. I’ll attach two photos to this email and I’ll send the others tomorrow. (這次我有一些照片要給你。我會在這封 email 附上兩張,明天我會把其餘照片寄出)

Another 作限定詞用

Another 作限定詞用時後接單數可數名詞,意為「再一的;另一的」。例如:

  • Can I have another drink? (我能再來一杯嗎?)
  • Tom’s mom is expecting another baby in September. (湯姆的媽媽九月份又要生孩子了)
  • They’re doing a big concert tonight and another one on Friday night. (他們今晚將舉辦一場大型演唱會,星期五晚上還有一場)
  • That’s quite another matter. (那完全是另一回事)
  • After a week in Bangkok, the official was ready to visit another city. (在曼谷待了一個禮拜後,這位官員準備訪問另一城市) (正)
    After a week in Bangkok, the official was ready to visit other city. (誤)

Another 作代名詞用

Another 作代名詞用時,意為「再一 (個);另一 (個)」。例如:

  • Would you like another? (想再來一份嗎?)
  • I don’t like this one, please show me another or others. (我不喜歡這個,請給我看另一個或另外幾個) - 不帶 the 的複數型 others 是代名詞 another 的複數。
  • I lent my bicycle to John, and he lent it to another of his friends. (我把腳踏車借給約翰,他又轉借給他的另外一個朋友)