Regarding, as regards, in regard(s) to, with regard(s) to

In regard to, with regard to, regarding 和 as regards 都是標準且同義的介系詞片語,雖然長度比 about 和 concerning 略長且變化較多,但意思大致相同,意為「關於」:He knew nothing regarding [as regards, in regard to, with regard to] the case. (關於這個案子他一無所知)。

With regards to 為非標準用語且經常當作陳舊的語詞使用,不過在信件的結尾敬辭 (complimentary close) 中它卻是標準的慣用語:With [my] [best or kind] regards to your family (謹代我向您的家人問候/致意)。

In regards to 不但是非標準且是粗鄙的用語,但遺憾地是,它常常出現在一些人的口語中。In regards to 絕對不會出現在正式的書面英語中。


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  1. Both Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary disagree with this article.

    Stach Exchange even has a thread about the correct usage.