Hire, rent (vv.)


在英式英語中,短期租用物品用 hire,如 We can hire a car at the airport. (我們可以在機場租車);I’ll have to hire a suit for Mary’s funeral. (我得為瑪麗的喪禮租一套西裝);He’s running a car hire company. (他經營一家汽車出租公司) - 在美國,租車公司叫做 car rental company。長期租用物品則用 rent,如 Is that your own photocopier or do you rent it? (那台影印機是你自己的還是租來的?);I’m poor as a church mouse and rent my television. (我一貧如洗,電視是租的)。物主出租東西用 hire out,如 That mansion is often hired out for private parties. (那棟豪宅常租給人開私人派對);There are several companies in Kaohsiung that hire out yachts to tourists. (高雄有幾家公司出租遊艇給遊客)。

在英式英語中,租房子用 rent,而房東出租房屋則用 let (out),如 Ted rents his flat from a retired teacher. (泰德的公寓是向一名退休老師租的);I could always let (out) two spare rooms. (我隨時可以把兩間空房租出去)。房屋出租招牌上面所寫的字,英美用法亦有不同,英國使用 to let,而美國使用 for let 或 for rent,如 There’s a “To Let” sign on the house next door. (隔壁房子掛了一幅「出租」招牌);There are some apartments for let (or for rent) in our community. (我們社區有幾間公寓要出租)。

在美式英語中,不論時間長短,租用物品一律用 rent,而物主出租所有東西都用 rent (out),如 We can rent a car at the airport. (我們可以在機場租車);We can rent a boat for the weekend. (週末我們可以租一條船);They rent their office equipment. (他們的辦公設備都是租來的);Ted rents his apartment from a retired teacher. (泰德的公寓是向一名退休老師租的);Why don’t you rent out your SUV to your neighbors while you go abroad on business and make some money? (你到國外出差時為何不把你的休旅車出租給鄰居賺點錢呢?);All her rooms are rented (out) to students. (她的所有房間都租給學生)。

在英式英語中,短期雇人用 hire,如 Cindy’s hiring a private detective to trace her husband. (辛蒂雇了一名私家偵探跟蹤她的先生);We hired a few temporary salespeople to help sell our new product. (我們雇了幾名臨時推銷員來推銷我們的新產品)。長期雇人用 appoint (任用,聘用) 或 employ (雇用),如 The school’s going to appoint a new chemistry teacher. (這所學校將聘用一名新的化學老師);That big company employed 500 people last year. (那家大公司去年雇用了 500 名員工)。

在美式英語中,不論時間長短,雇人一律用 hire,如 Mrs. Smith hired a worker to paint and clean her house yesterday. (史密斯太太昨天雇了一名工人來粉刷和打掃她的房子);The company has hired a new advertising creative director fairly recently. (公司不久前聘了一位新的廣告創意總監)。