Many 的形容詞用法

Many 是個大家所熟知的字,當形容詞時意為「(可數名詞) 多的,許多的,很多的」,通常用於否定句和疑問句。例如:

  • How many sisters do you have? (你有幾個姊妹?)
  • I don’t have many relatives. (我的親戚不多)

Many 的前面可以加上 not 來表示 few (極少的) 的意思。例如:

  • Not many students (or Few students) like exams. (喜歡考試的學生寥寥無幾)
  • Not many people (or Few people) came to the meeting. (與會者不多)

所以,在肯定句中,many 鮮少單獨用在名詞之前。例如:

  • There are a lot of books on the desk. (書桌上有許多書) (正)
  • There are many books on the desk. (誤)

然而,在正式的上下文中,我們有時可以在肯定句中使用 many 或 many of (many 在此為代名詞) 來代替 a lot of 或 lots of。例如:

  • Many teachers are strongly opposed to the pension reform. (許多老師強烈反對年金改革)
  • Many of his students have become public servants. (他的許多學生已成為公務員)
    - 如果沒把握能準確地判斷正式或非正式,最保險的作法就是在肯定句中都使用 a lot of 或 lots of。

不過,在下面所述的情況中,many 可以用於肯定句:

Many + 名詞後接修飾該名詞的關係子句時。例如:

  • Many people who voted for him in the last election will not be doing so this time. (許多在上次選舉中投票給他的人這次不會那麼做了)
  • There were many questions which were left unanswered after passage of the “one fixed day off and one flexible rest day” (or five-day work week) bill. (「一例一休」法案通過後有許多問題未得到答覆)

Many 前面使用 very、a good/great、so 和 too 等副詞來修飾時。例如:

  • There are still very many problems left to be resolved. (還有很多問題留待解決)
  • A good/great many students have complained to me about the food. (許多學生向我抱怨伙食不佳)
  • I’ve explained the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs so many times, but they still can’t understand! (有關及物和不及物動詞之間的差異,我已說明很多次,但他們還是不明白!)
  • Most people know the reason why so many young people want to leave the country. (大多數人都知道這麼多年輕人想離開這個國家的原因)
  • If there are only three of us going to the concert, then I’ve booked two too many seats (or two seats too many). (如果我們當中只有三個人去聽演唱會,那我就多訂了兩張票)
  • There is one too many chairs here. / There is one chair too many here. (這裡多一張椅子)
  • As many as 8,000 elderly people may have been infected with the disease. (可能已有多達 8,000 名老年人染上此病) - as many as 意為「多達」。
  • Amy has had five boyfriends in as many months. (艾美五個月就交了五個男朋友) - in as many 意為「(與前面提過的數目) 一樣多的」。
    = Amy has had five boyfriends in five months.